I have been a huge coffee enthusiast for over 5 years now. My love which some may call an addiction started when I was in undergrad. I started by looking at new gadgets and gizmos to make coffee. I grabbed a French press, then an Aeropress and finally a Chemex, all of which allowed me to learn more about coffee and find a deeper passion for it.

Fast forward a year or two and I have graduated to a new level of appreciation for coffee. I was stumbling around my local Goodwill, because there was simply nothing else to do on that specific weekend, and I found my first espresso machine! So for the next few years I used the espresso machine along with a few other machines to enjoy my cup of joe.

Now, to what you are all here for and what I care most about when it comes to my coffee, my Breville Barista Express! This machine is everything I could have asked for when looking to step up my game in the coffee world. I grabbed this machine a little over a year ago with some gift cards I had from my wedding registry with my wife. Since getting it I have been able to experiment more with different types of coffee, different brands of coffee (might link to some of my favorites) and ultimately continue to grow in my knowledge of coffee.

Each morning I make a latte, cappuccino or honestly whatever the wife would like. It is important that I have a machine that not only allows me to make a great cup of coffee every morning but also allows ease of use early in the morning and that is what the Breville Barista Express does! At a touch of a button I can pull one or two shots of espresso, at a flip of a switch I can steam up some milk, literally everything is so easy to do which is what makes me love this machine so much!

It is a great beginner machine and one that I will continue to use for months-years down the road.

Photo from Williams Sonoma